The Luxury in Phuket’s Real Estate

Definition of Luxury in Phuket’s Real Estate & Tourism

Priceless Assets of Phuket

The priceless asset of the island of Phuket attracts tourist from all across the globe. The coast of Phuket along Andaman sea are enchanting natural treasure offering travellers a memorable time in the island. Add to the experience, words like Luxury and comfort first pop up into any tourist’s mind. there are numerous words which are frequently heard in the tourism industry to adorn these two simple words or in better sense to take out more cash than the normal expenditure.

Luxury in Phuket

Like for example, a word which is frequently used in the modern tourism industry is Boutique. This word is again just an adornment used in North America and the United Kingdom to describe a much more simpler term hotel. However the presently the word is used to address anything starting from a six star hotel to a normal eatery. Every such words is thought in respect to the word “ LUXURY”.

However in a tourist- favourite location like Phuket, the optimum luxury options are Villas, condos and resorts. These villas are an exclusive proof of the contemporary architectural design along with Thai hospitality. Keeping their price tag in mind, it can easily be said these properties are certainly value for money.

Two Important Business Sectors in Phuket

The business sector in Phuket can be broadly considered under two distinctive sectors having their own version of luxury namely

  1. Tourism sector

  2. Real estate sector

Tourism sector

If it is the question of the tourism industry, luxury is the prime concern of the travellers when looking for accommodation. However there is no need to worry as the tourism industry of the island also focus on the luxury quotient. You can easily choose any of the Phuket Villa, resorts, condos for renting where you will get every possible luxury services just at the wave of your hand. It is certainly not an exaggeration as starting from private chefs and personal butler to spa services, catering at the villa, shuttle services and sometimes your own personal beach all to yourself.

Real estate sector

Most of the tourist of Phuket tends to convert themselves into property investors after experiencing the sultry sea breeze, tropical balmy climate and the casual lifestyle of the island. They often invest in first time and second time home wishing for a retreat from their day to day schedule. Reputed Phuket real estate platforms are offering exclusive apartments, condos & villas for rent for long term and also for sale. These properties have been developed keeping the needs of the residents in mind having a innovative and unique architecture and design which effectively provide comfort in combination with luxury. In addition to that the interior of the properties are often well furnished keeping in mind your every possible necessity.

The majority of visitors who arrive in Phuket are from countries like India, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore, China, Russia, Eastern Europe are now investing in overseas market. Targeting them, Phuket real estate market is developing for properties to draw significant amount of net worth from the high end market every year.

The island is significantly spreading its property network and developing more and more luxury homes. Thailand’s biggest developers like Central Group and the Mall Group are both investing in the retail market contributing significantly to expanding the hospitality sector. With span of few years, Phuket will be one of the most sought after location offering luxury properties within the convenience of money.
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