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Putting precious minds to work.

Speaking of minds!

The last week has been challenging, students are sniffling and sneezing and spring fever has hit our cabin. As my husband said to me; "Gosh you're cranky!" I know the students would agree! Spring break can not come quickly enough. And the teaser weather blowing hot and cold? Not my favorite!

But enough about me, despite the cranky attitude-we have done some awesome stuff this week. We have written haikus, hyperboles and Diamantes, if you're in the school stroll down and see what we have done.

We have reconstructed a yeti-(proportions in math) and measured ourselves. we have researched and solved a problem for a farmer friend with our soil investigations ( problem based learning). All pretty awesome stuff.

Most important: we are starting a new book at home; it looks and reads amazing called A Lion to guard us. I am sending out a Google doc and all work for each day will be shared through that. Agendas will reflect when work is due (shared with me) ALL students know how to do this now. Of course you are welcome to make a paper copy too.

A Lion to Guard Us.

When using the link students should make a copy, rename the document and share when done they ALL know what to do.