All About Me

By: TJ Oduye

My name is TJ Oduye and i'm 18 years. I was born Jacksonville, NC on a military base called Camp Lejeune. My dad from is Lagos, Nigeria and my mom is from Robersonville, NC. They both attended East Carolina University and that is where I wish to go when I graduate high school this year. I also have a little brother that attends South Central.

Things I Like To Do

I enjoy cooking for people and my family! I like to play soccer, football, and lacrosse. I like to go on vacation. The best part about the vacation is always the trips there.


I enjoy all types of music especially rap. I feel like most rap songs tell a story or some type of event that happened in the rappers life. I also like movie scores... they're like film music or the background music.


The things that I value most are my family, friends, my religious views, and my life. I feel like school and education also help people find their values or at least help them recognize thier values.