Professional Learning Team Meeting

Differentiated Instruction in the Reading/ ELA Classroom

Wednesday, April 8th, 8am-3pm

Professional Development Room--Thurgood Marshall Middle School


The Common Core Standards focus on improving literacy by providing opportunities to read and write in every subject area. This new demand indirectly forces Reading and English Language Arts teachers to go the extra mile to ensure that they are meeting the diverse needs of the students inside their classrooms. Today, we will focus on ways to accomplish the task of differentiation.

Focus Questions:

a. What is differentiated instruction?

b. Who should receive different materials? Why?

c. In what ways can differentiated instruction improve student achievement?


  • Define Differentiated Instruction
  • Interpret data from the Reading Performance Series Test administered in December
  • Discuss the Performance Series Data and what it means for content literacy
  • Interpret current data (classroom averages) and writing samples generated in class
  • Identify materials to differentiate reading complexity for students
  • Select instructional strategies to differentiate Reading and Language Arts instruction

Part I: What is Differentiated Instruction?

Big image
Notice that the Monkey is the only one that is happy about the upcoming exam. Does this mean the other animals aren't talented or smart enough to be successful?
Note: The original session had PowerPoint, but one teacher found Prezi and decided to share. These Prezis are my work samples and were created after the session.

Part II: Is there a NEED for Differentiated Instruction in YOUR Classroom?

Activity: Analyzing Student Data

1. Review of Performance Series Data from the Winter Session

2. Worksheet for Analyzing Current Report Card Data

3. Discuss criterion for evaluating classroom writing samples.

4. Using the agreed upon criteria, separate classroom samples into to Proficient, Close, and Needs Support.

5. Based on your findings, is there a need for differentiated instruction in your classroom? (Open Discussion)

Part III: Suggestions for Differentiated Instruction in the ELA Classroom

Part V: Technology Work Session (Differentiated Instruction)

The above Kahoot was created by Terry Gandy to address Usage in Language Arts. (Work Sample)

Part V: The Ethics Behind Differentiation (Discussion)


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