Terrific Scientific Trains

By: Abbey P

Summer Fun

On August 23 I took a train from Milwaukee to Chicago. I went with with Zoe, Taylor, Hailey, Nicole, Elise, Mr. B, Mrs. B, Mrs. V, Vincent, and my dad. We took the train because we were going to a One Direction concert. We also took the train August 24 with the same people going back to Milwaukee. Taking the train was very fun.

Look at me!

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Union station in chicagos Adams street entrance
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Science part of it....

1. Trains can be powered by a lots of energy sources like steam, diesel and electricity. This is related to science because electricity, steam and diesel all are a property matter. Without these elements the train would not move. Then I would end up not going to Chicago

2. It is related to science because it uses Newton's first law. Newton's first law is, "Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it." It uses this law because when we had not stopped until the conductor pulled the break. If the conductor didn't we would have kept going

I wonder...

1. I wonder who invented the train?

2. I wonder how long it takes to build a train?

3. I wonder how many parts are in a train?

4. I wonder how many seats are in and average passenger train?

5. I wonder where you can go from the Milwaukee train station other than Chicago?

6. I wonder what types of trains there are?