Water Crisis!!!

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Water`s usage across the world.

Waters usage across the world is different in many countries, and how the water is distributed. For example in Africa or India their water is really low because they take in so much water from their drinkable water sources that it doesn't have enough to do its water cycle and get back there. So their supply of water is too low and their country can`t give enough drinkable water to their people.


These water born diseases could be severely dangerous if you don`t play safe with your water sources. You can get these by ingesting it or coming into contact with an infected or contaminated water source. Anybody can contract these illnesses but people with a compromised immune system have a greater risk of getting these illnesses, and it can be even more severe.

The effects of water shortage.

Water shortages can be super harmful to some places if it occurs often or for a long period of time, and the effects can be grouped into these 4 broad areas causing, Health, Hunger, Education and Poverty. Also less water means that sewage is not flowing mosquitoes and other insects to breed on stagnant dirty water. Leading to a result of deadly malaria and other infections.

What YOU can do to help!

YOU! can help this terrible water crisis by doing 4 simple things. Have awareness search up on even more things you can do to help and do what you are doing right now! Also take part in events or societies that do water preserving activities or do charity for places that are in need of water. 3rd, use your water wisely even the smallest things can make a big difference in saving more water in your community. And the last thing here but not the last thing you can do, join groups that stop individuals, industries, and governments from cutting down trees to stop degrading our environment and polluting it.

What is the water crisis?

The water crisis is the lack of water resources sufficient enough for a region and effects over 2.8 billion people at least one month every year. also about 1.2 billion people don`t have access to clean drinkable water.

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