Canada and US Relations

by: Maddiey Foley


The red is the land of Canada and the blue is the US.


They have a pretty similar economy. Similar unemployment rates, similar incomes. In Canada they have a free Healthcare system, which is very different from the US. Some would agree that the system is very beneficial, but some realize the faults in the system. The US has the most expensive healthcare over any country worldwide. I think that the factor of healthcare really separates these two countries. They are both more developed countries with high technology, but the factor of healthcare has a big role.


Looking at statistics, the people of Canada and the US have a lot in common. A majority of the population is white in both countries. They share the same main religion of Christianity. They both come from a British heritage, and of course others of their own. It seems like a Canadian person is just alike an american person. Considering the fact that Canada and the US are such good friends and many ways, the people have the same perspective on many of the same things. They have debates on the same topics including, gay marriage, gun violence. One of the big differences among these countries is the crime rate. America still holds a growing crime rate while Canada's is at ease.


There are many differences among the political systems, but both seem to have the same ideas and traits. In Canada, they have a democratic constitutional monarchy, in comparison to our Democracy. Both systems separate into the same 3 branches of Judicial, Executive, and Legislative. After those three separations there are many differences between the systems.