Written about (1599-1601)

Greatest of Shakespeare play

Full name of Hamlet is Really "Hamlet, prince of Denmark". This tale is Five part tragedy, that ranges anywhere form 3 hours to 5 hours. Its first publish quarto edition was in 1603 and its first Folio version second quarto was in the 1604. The play is around 4,042 lines long. Since the play has shown there has been 200(or more) women who have played the role of Hamlet on stage. In 2006 there was an all-female version of hamlet was played in a Washington theater company. Many scholars think the play maybe based on Saxo Grammatic legend of Amleth as an Idea base in away. The Legend is to have the similarity of hamlet where Hamlets father is killed by his brother who later marries their mother who is now married to the killer of her late first husband.

Anything else about Hamlet?

  • Shakespeare appeared in the play the Ghost in Globe
  • First actor to play Hamlet was Richard Burbage, who was lead actor
  • The lion king is based on Hamlet
  • The skull used is from Ande Tchaikosky who died in 9182 and wanted his skull to be used for theater performance
  • David Tenant (the 10th doctor who) was an important man in RSC(Royal Shakespeare company) productions in 2009. He used the real skull in the scene the grave digger\
  • Hamlet is the second most filmed story in the world following Cinderella
  • Estimated that Hamlet is played somewhere every single minute of everyday