Internet Saftey

protect yourself on the internet..

The main problems.

People from all over the world are putting way to much infromation on the internet. They put where they live, what school they go to, their phone number etc. They never know that there are some people out there that are just a teensy bit crazy, and they might want to stalk them. That is not all they do sadly. Girls from all over the world talk to guys on IM, Email, private messaging etc. and they hardly ever know who they're talking to. They get to overly attatched and mostly want to meat them. Some run away, some get kidknapped and some get killed.

Bullying is NOT allowed

People get in trouble all over the world almost everyday by cyberbullying kids on the internet. They don't ever think before they type. They comment on peoples pictures calling them ugly, fat, stupid, you're worthless etc. Some people may be joking but some aren't. You should never joke around that way unless everyone, EVERYONE, thinks it's funny. Some people don't mind but most of them take it to heart. So just think before you do, and keep your comments to yourself.