Desmos Calculator

Branden, Jamie, Steve, and Jordan

What Does it Do For Students?

Desmos is an online calculator. We as freshman can't buy a calculator. We go home and don’t have the convenience of the calculators in class. We have the availability of Desmos. In the apps on our Chromebook we have a large variety of useful apps. One in particular that is extremely useful is this calculator. It’s at the touch of our fingers and gets the job done fast and easy. When using the calculator, you can use it for simple math and graphing equations.

How Can it be Used in Courses?

  1. Desmos graphs equations for slopes and graphs like exponential, linear, and quadratic.

  2. Desmos does simple math

  3. Desmos solves problems with exponents in the equation.

Pros and Cons

Pro: Equivalent to the convenience of a TI-nspire calculator

Con: Does not solve for the variable in the equation. That needs to be done yourself.

Will We Continue Using This App?

We will continue using this app until we are sophomores. This helps us outside of school and inside as well. It does the same job as the advanced ones in math class.