Capital: Hanoi


  • Country is Vietnam.
  • Located in Southeast Asia.
  • Absolute location is 21 degrees North and 105 degrees East.
  • Relative to Laos, Cambodia, China and Indonesia.
  • Surrounded by South China Sea, Gulf of Tonkin and Gulf of Thailand.
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What is going well?

  • President Truong Tan Sang
  • Political system is running well.
  • Powers are spread fairly throughout all the branches of government.
  • Pays close attention to the people.
  • Keeps the country orderly and stable in a majority of areas.
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What needs to be worked on?

  • Economy needs to be worked on.
  • As it is, Vietnam is advancing itself as an economic power.
  • This is where the problem lies too though.
  • Vietnam has much more exports than it does imports from some of its trading partners such as the China, Korea and Thailand.
  • This failure of balance in trade could make Vietnam less of an economic power.
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Needs to be mentioned!

  • Vietnam has been a country filled with wars.
  • Turmoil from the past has continued onto today.
  • Fights over territory are still common for Vietnam today.
  • Recent confrontation has been with China over islands in South China Sea.
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What does the future look like?

  • Political system should be able to continue to run the country smoothly in the future.
  • If negotiations between Vietnam and its partners can be undergone regarding the trades, then the balance of trade could improve.
  • Fighting, however, is still possible whether the other areas are adjusted or not.
  • Overall, Vietnam should be able to progress significantly in the future.


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