Mahatma Gandhi

By Peter Goldsborough and Will Clippard

When was Gandhi born and killed?

  • He was born October 2nd, 1869.
  • He was assassinated on January 30th, 1948.

Where was Gandhi imprisoned?

He was imprisoned in India.

Why was Gandhi imprisoned?

What did Gandhi do in prison?

  • When he first entered prison, he was undressed and forced to wear dirty jail clothes.
  • He and 149 other Indian prisoners were huddled in a room meant for 50.
  • When the warden came around, Gandhi asked to do labor but was denied.
  • For breakfast and supper, the Indians were served just flavorless porridge and beans.
  • Gandhi got tired of this, and got 100 other Indian prisoners to sign a petition to have better food. They started getting rice, bread, and vegetables and ghee(an Asian butter).

What did Gandhi achieve over the course of his life?

  • He fasted for 21 days to protest the war between the Muslims and Hindus and Great Britain's mistreating of India.
  • He also fought his whole life to make living better for the Indians.