Youth and Community Work Team

Central and East Bristol

Engaging and Supporting young people

Our team of specialists deliver targeted support to individual young people who are living in complex and chaotic situations and who are asking for the support from someone who can work with them to address some of their fears and concerns and to get them ‘back on track’ in terms of making positive life choices, finding new friends, improving their existing relationships and maybe finding new and exciting positive ways they can spend their time.

What else do we do

The Central and East team are also delivering on a range of city wide specialisms - we have the lead workers for engagement with LGBT young people and with Disabled young people in our team as well as one of theh cities specialist targeted support youth and community workers on our team

In addition to this we are also working to support the youth work delivery of existing partners in teh voluntary sector and to help in the creation of new youth provision in areas of central and east Bristol where there are few or no specific privisions for young people