Jack The Ripper: Who is he?

Who? What? When? Where?

Jack the Ripper is an unknown serial killer. Killing 5 female prostitutes. He started the killings in 1888, in the Whitechapel district in London.
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Jack the Ripper was just a cover name for a mysterious serial killer. He got the name from a letter he sent in to the police in the middle of the murders, which took place from August 7th to September 10th, 1888.


When the murders happened, people were saying that they had been killed because they were prostitutes, placing feminist criticism in the story. Still today people celebrate the days where he murdered the woman. This criticism by the media tells people you will be celebrated for murdering prostitutes.
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Media's Portrayal

Some of the ways the media started to portray was by calling them extremely gruesome and disgusting. Then when the real Jack the Ripper sent in the letter calling himself that, the news made that a story then more people started sending in letters with the same signature on them to the police.


One bias t this story is that the letters that were sent in were fake. There have been many investigators and forensic scientists that have looked at the letters and said they are most likely fake. People believe the newspapers sent out the letters to try to get more people to buy their newspapers.
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