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June 5, 2020

A Message about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion from District 303

The homicide of George Floyd and subsequent violence across our nation, and in some surrounding communities, have left all of us in District 303 heartbroken. Tragically, an incident like this is a painful reminder of systemic racism and that our students and families may live next door yet exist in two different worlds. It is vital that we listen to and learn from the many cultures, experiences, and backgrounds represented in our community. We must not be afraid to speak up when we hear or see something we know is not right and we must be willing to engage in difficult conversations. This is one of those times.

As educators, we take our role seriously in providing a safe place for students and staff members to listen to and appreciate a variety of opinions, while recognizing how diversity strengthens a learning community. At the same time, we embrace this opportunity to renew our resolve to students and families that they are seen, heard, and matter. It is evident that this generation of students has and will continue to be the impetus for societal change.

We want to remind our students and staff that we are here to support you and stand with you. We do not accept behavior that marginalizes people, and we will do our part to fight racism and hate within our community and schools.

In the coming months, our staff will continue to evaluate our curriculum, instructional materials, and classroom practices in order to ensure that they represent diversity and multiple perspectives, while providing students with a place to safely share their experiences and strengthen their voice. It is important for all of our students to develop and apply skills and mindsets that are grounded in inclusivity and build cultural competence as they grow and become civically engaged. In addition, we will be creating a district committee that looks at issues of inclusivity and equity in our schools. Our goal is to hear, understand, and respond.

We are here to support our students and their families. As you talk with your children about recent events, here are several resources from the National Association of School Psychologists that may assist you with those conversations.

Supporting Vulnerable Students in Stressful Times: Tips for Parents

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers

Understanding Race and Privilege


Mr. Nicholas Manheim, President

District 303 School Board

Dr. Jason Pearson

Superintendent of Schools

Un mensaje del Distrito 303 sobre la equidad, la diversidad y la inclusión

El homicidio de George Floyd y la violencia subsiguiente en toda nuestra nación, y en algunas comunidades circundantes, nos han dejado a todos en el Distrito 303 con el corazón roto. Trágicamente, un incidente como este es un recordatorio doloroso del racismo sistémico y que, aunque nuestros estudiantes y familias vivan en la casa de al lado, se vive en dos mundos diferentes. Es vital que escuchemos y aprendamos de las muchas culturas, experiencias y antecedentes representados en nuestra comunidad. No debemos tener miedo a hablar cuando escuchemos o veamos algo que sabemos que no es correcto y debemos estar dispuestos a participar en conversaciones difíciles. Esta es una de esas veces.

Como educadores, tomamos nuestro papel muy seriamente para proporcionar un lugar seguro para los estudiantes y miembros del personal para que escuchen y aprecien una variedad de opiniones y, al mismo tiempo, reconocer cómo la diversidad puede fortalecer una comunidad de aprendizaje. Al mismo tiempo, aprovechamos esta oportunidad para renovar nuestra resolución a los estudiantes y las familias de que sean vistos, escuchados y que importen. Es evidente que esta generación de estudiantes ha sido y seguirá siendo el impulso para el cambio social.

Queremos recordarles a nuestros estudiantes y miembros del personal que estamos aquí para apoyarlos y estar a su lado. No aceptamos el comportamiento que margina a las personas, y haremos nuestra parte para luchar contra el racismo y el odio dentro de nuestra comunidad y dentro de nuestras escuelas.

En los siguientes meses, nuestro personal continuará evaluando nuestro currículo, materiales instructivos, y prácticas del salón para asegurarnos de que representen diversidad y perspectivas múltiples, y al mismo tiempo proporcionarles a los estudiantes un lugar para compartir con seguridad sus experiencias y fortalecer sus voces. Es importante que todos nuestros estudiantes desarrollen y apliquen destrezas y mentalidades que se basen en la exclusividad y desarrollen capacidades culturales a medida que crecen y se comprometen cívicamente. Adicionalmente, crearemos un comité del distrito que busque abarcar los temas de inclusión y equidad en nuestras escuelas. Nuestra meta es escuchar, entender, y responder.

Estamos aquí para apoyar a nuestros estudiantes y a sus familias. Mientras habla con sus hijos sobre los últimos acontecimientos, aquí hay varios recursos de la Asociación Nacional de Psicólogos Escolares que pueden ayudarle con esas conversaciones.

Apoyando a Estudiantes Vulnerables en Tiempos Estresantes: Consejos Para Padres

Hablar con los Niños Sobre la Violencia: Consejos Para Padres y Maestros

Entendiendo la Raza y el Privilegio


Sr. Nicholas Manheim, Presidente

Junta Educativa del Distrito 303

Dr. Jason Pearson

Superintendente Escolar

District 303 Information

The uncertainty surrounding young adults during this health crisis has led to increased fears and anxiety. The attached resource supports developing an understanding of what anxiety is AND what can be done to manage it. If your student is challenged by anxiety or you have noticed an increase in anxious behaviors, Dr. Green's self-paced and selected course may be beneficial. If you have any questions on the information provided or are seeking additional support for yourself or child, please contact Patti Palagi, Director Instructional Interventions at patti.palagi@d303.org or 331-228-6457.

Returning Student Registration

Please click on the link to register your returning student(s) for the 2020-2021 school year.


District 303 grab and go meal service will operate on Mondays and Thursdays only. Students will receive three meals on Mondays and two meals on Thursdays. Please refer to the list below for specific locations and times of service.

Thompson Middle School, 705 W. Main Street

9:00 - 11:00 a.m. - Monday and Thursday

Anderson Elementary School, 35W071 Villa Marie Rd.

9:00 - 11:00 a.m. - Monday and Thursday

Wasco Elementary School, 4N782 School Street, Wasco

10:00 - 10:45 a.m. - Monday and Thursday

A District 303 bus will deliver meals to the front of the school.

Cumberland Green Cooperative (1798 Cumberland Green-Office Lot near court #1)

11:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Monday and Thursday

A District bus will deliver meals to the office parking lot at 1798 Cumberland.

Prairie Point Apartments, 1820 Wessel Court

10:00 - 10:30 a.m.- Monday and Thursday

A District 303 bus will deliver meals to the park facing the road at the front entrance (Entrance nearest to Randall Road).

The Crossings, 1690 Covington

10:40 - 11:10 a.m. - Monday and Thursday.

A District 303 bus will deliver meals to the area near the clubhouse.

St. Charles Place, 15th Street and Indiana

11:20 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Monday and Thursday

A District 303 bus will deliver meals to an area in front of the apartment complex.

As we progress through the summer, we will send families additional information and reminders about the district’s meal service program. Please click here for more community meal resources.

We have compiled links to additional resources both at the national and state levels that will provide you with the most up to date information available.

Dig Deeper! Read, Investigate, and Discover with the St. Charles Public Library

Summer Reading is almost here! The St. Charles Public Library District invites children to read a little bit every day to keep up their reading skills outside of the school year. They can pick up a book in any format, print or digital, and they can read or be read to. If a child reads 20 minutes each weekday for the ten weeks of the program, he or she will reach 1000 minutes by August 2!

Starting May 26, visit our website or scpld.readsquared.com to sign up and start logging minutes online. Kids receive a virtual badge for every 100 minutes logged! Complete an online mission each week and earn additional minutes.

At 1000 minutes, kids are eligible for a book prize and an entry in our Grand Prize Drawing. There will be five gift baskets in the drawing- each focused on a different area: Reading, Science, Art, Video Games, and Legos.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that the St. Charles Public Library will be offering library cards to all District 303 students! Every student who attends a District 303 school will be eligible to get their own library card. Parents will opt-in for a student card when they do online registration. Please note that only students will be able to get a library card. Parents, or other family members who do not attend school are ineligible to receive a card.

A library card will give you access to all our ebooks and eresources while our public space is closed. You can access all the information on what we have available at scpld.org/ebooks.

We are so excited to offer this invaluable resource to our students in District 303. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Stulgate, 630-549-8971.

Dig Deeper! Summer Reading 2020
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