American Traditions

America has many traditions

American traditions

They may include holidays like the 4th of July, or they may be something like going to a baseball game with a son or daughter. Even thought they are usually holidays, they do not have to be. It also might be something that runs in the family that your parents want you to continue doing.

The holidays

The holidays that are usually traditions are Veterans day, and the 4th of July. Many other cultures have holidays as a tradition like in Spanish speaking countries they have el cinco de mayo which is the 5th of may, and Día de los muertos which is day of the dead.

Family Traditions

Because America is a melting pot for cultures and races, there is usually family traditions that may be from another country. If this tradition is broken, then the person that broke it might not be seen by his family for a long time, or they may have to move completely to another state or country. If a family tradition is broken, it is not taken lightly.