Dividing Decimals

Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers

Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers

Dividing decimals by whole numbers is fairly simple when you get to know the steps, even if your not familiar with division or decimals or anything of the sort.

1. set up the house with the first number in the problem inside the house, with the second one on the outside.

2. check if you can put the number outside the house in any of the digits, like for example, if it is 11.2 divided by 40, you put 11.2 inside the house and 40 on the outside.

3. bring up the decimal point above the house, right above where it is in the decimal.

4. You can't put 40 into 1 or 11, but it can go into 112. so do 112 divided by 40.

5. 40 can go into 112 twice, and so put the 2 above the 2 in 11.2, and after the decimal

point above the house.

6. put 80 below 11.2, and do 112-80.

7.It gives you 32, and 40 cannot go into 3 or 32, so put a 0 after 11.2 and bring it down next to 32, making 320. Do 320 divided by 40, and put the quotient below 320.

8. It equals 8, so put the eight above 11.2, next to .2 above the house and bring the quotient, 320, below the 320 and subtract and it give you 0, so 11.2 divided by 40 equals .28.

Below is a video walkthrough for long division using decimals, and two pictures of long division with decimals.

Long Division with Decimals