Camp Life

Based off of the book Night written by Elie Wiesel

The Holocaust

The camps during the Holocaust changed peoples lives forever. Many people became empty shells, by that I mean they didn't really have a sole anymore, or it didn't seem like they had one. Many people stopped believing in God, they thought that God had failed them and He is the reason why all of this was happening to them, yet others still believed and praised Him. So many people became isolated, they did not want to be with other people. Some became cruel, and mean, but other stayed the same and didn't loose faith in people or God.

The three main themes I got out of this book is faith, family, and hardships. In this book Elie talks a lot about his faith. Through out the book he starts to loose faith in not only God, but others too. He also mentions his father quite often. In the beginning of this book once they are sent to the camp, his mother and sister were sent to be killed, and Elie never saw them again. Him and his father did stay together because they both lied about their ages and through out the book Elie does as much as he can to stay with his father. The last theme is hardship. They go though so much during this time of the war, they have to watch people die, while trying to stay alive. He is very lucky he is alive, most people died, whether it was from the selection, sickness, or you were too old or too young. Many people were starved to death, they hardly got anything to eat and drink.

What the Novel reveals to me as a human is that people can be persuaded so easily, and so unfairly. Parts of me think that humans will destroy the world because of how easily we turn on each other. In the book, before the camps, Elie wanted the best for other people, he was kind and giving, but as he goes through the process of going to camps he changes. He changes for the worse, all he cares about is food, he starts to loose faith in God and blames Him for everything. Also Elie becomes cruel like others, all he thinks about is himself. That shows me that no matter how good of a person you are, you could easily change into something completely different.

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