Face Forward Organization

Deborah Alessi

Face Forward Organization – Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse

Instances of domestic violence against women and children have increased rapidly in recent times. In most occasions rather than being helped, victims of abuse are marginalized by society. Nobody wants to befriend a woman whose facial injuries have left deep scars, who has been dishonored and a victim of perversion, and who is barely clinging onto dear life. Children by far are the victims most affected by domestic violence, as their minds that are in the process of development are unable to gauge the extent of physical and mental injuries and agony inflicted by their family members.

We as human beings have become so self-serving and devious that we would rather not assist victims of domestic abuse because of the stigma that goes with it. However, there are still individuals who have not given up hope. Two outstanding philanthropists, David and Deborah Alessi, have taken the onus on themselves to make life a lot easier for victims of domestic violence through their grand efforts. Face Forward Organization is a non-profit agency with a dedicated team that assists victims of domestic violence by providing emotional and physical succor, without having to pay any price. Face Forward provides financial and medical aid to victims of domestic abuse as well. Fundraising for the victims is done by soliciting donations. The victims are rehabilitated and educational and professional aid is provided by the money raised.

Face Forward does not have a short term mission to merely assist victims of domestic violence with financial and medical help; it has a long term mission of uprooting domestic violence from every nook and cranny.

For children and women who have suffered physical assaults through domestic violence or gang violence the organization provides reconstructive facial surgeries. A person could be traumatized by such injuries which could even cause death. Thus, Face Forward aims at offering facial surgeries and emotional support to victims, free of cost.

On a daily basis, there are many cases of domestic violence that are registered in courts. More often than not, the victim is too scared to call for assistance. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to develop a trustworthy framework which would assist and help unassuming victims of assault. With its dedicated and well-known board members and experienced staff, Face Forward aims at providing the healing touch to the unfortunate victims of domestic abuse so that the mental and physical scars are somewhat alleviated. Face Forward solemnly pledges to create a mass social awareness in relation to these crimes.

The organization grows and expands continually and is firm in its resolve to rejuvenate victims of domestic violence. With its unparalleled and unprecedented vision and fervent mission to reform society, Face Forward is going to leave its footprints.