Most Dangerous Places To Live

By Jonathon, Jared, Brandon L., and Brandon T.


Do you really know all about an area before you take that big step to move there? Many places all over the world have unknown geographical features that can affect that area in a huge way.
Knowing all about the place you going to live is important so you can protect your family and be safe. Read further to find some of the most dangerous places to live in the world.

Naples, Italy

Why People Live in Naples

Naples Italy is the 3rd most populated city in Italy. It is also the largest city in Southern Italy. Naples is home to approximately 56.9 million citizens. People live in Naples because it is home to many tourist attractions. The main attractions in Naples are The National Archaeological Museum which is home to many of fascinating Greek and Roman antiques.

Tectonic Plates and Naples

The city of Naples sits on the Eurasian boundary. This boundary is convergent with the African boundary. This explains the volcanic features like Mt. Etna, Stromboli, and Mt. Vesuvius. It also forms non volcanic features such as the Alps and the Apennines mountains. Naples sits on the L’Aquila fault line. A disadvantage for living here would be that they’re very vulnerable to volcanoes. These volcanoes are formed when the Eurasian and the African boundary collide head on and push up and form large land masses called volcanoes.

Why Naples is Dangerous

Even though Naples is a place for wonderful sights and landmarks it also has not so wonderful sights. Such as Mt. Vesuvius which once killed over 16,000 and is one of the deadliest eruptions ever. Then theres Mt. Enta which killed approximately 15,000 people was also a very deadly volcano. However even thought it has it’s history of very dangerous volcanoes it also has many very active volcanoes which can be dangerous because you never know when they might erupt. Ones like Mt. Stromboli may not be the biggest and most powerful volcanoes but it erupts quite frequently. Ever 20-40 minutes a small eruption take place at Mt. Stromboli, It experiences a large eruption every 2-20 years.

Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesia is a smaller area just northwest of Australia with many little islands making up its country. Sumatra is a long island northwest of where Sumatra originates. Sumatra being the biggest island, curves, and has the Barisan Mountains going straight through it from end to end. Lying right on the Equator, Sumatra has some of the world’s most diverse rainforests and some of Southeast Asia’s last intact forests. Some reasons people would want to live there, is because of the beautifully amazing scenery and the people are some of the most pleasant people you’ll ever come to meet. It is home to the world’s greatest Hard Rock Café. Has more pretty girls than anywhere else, and have the smiles that will melt your heart. The people in this area have household staff that iron and wash their clothes for them, and they never really need to wear another sweater unless they’re going to the mountains. Indonesia is a very tropical place as well.

Sumatra Indonesia, lies on the Indo-Australian Tectonic Plate. Colliding with the Philippine Plate, it pushes the ocean floor up, creating island chains, island arcs, and a twisted, tumultuous sea floor. The Pacific Plate, (also colliding with the Indo-Australian Plate), sub ducts under the Philippine plate creating a hot bed, and being part of what the world know famous for , “The Ring of Fire”. Because of the plats colliding and rubbing together, and or past each other, creating seismic waves which cause an earthquake when at a high velocity or magnitude. Since Indonesia straddles a series of fault lines, it is prone to volcanic and seismic activity! Because of the way the plate is shaped, it collides with the Pacific Plate very forcefully with a jagged movement, creating seismic waves which later builds up to an earthquake. Also, because the Indo-Australian plate is a land plate, and the Pacific Plate is an ocean plate, the Indo-Australian goes over the Pacific, which sub-ducts under the Indo-Australian possibly creating friction that builds up and becomes more deadly as time goes by and the plates rub, and fight each other more and more.

There was a devastating earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia on December 26, 2004 at 9:58:53 AM, which had caused 230,000 deaths! Because it sits on series of major fault lines, it is prone to seismic activity, and will have many occurring dangerous events! At a magnitude of 9.1, it had caused a giant tsunami that had also done major damage to Sumatra’s area! Destroying buildings, clogging traffic, and also killing 17,000 people! Even though the tremors and damage from the tsunami were minimal compared to the earthquakes, people were still wheeled to and from the hospital, carried in stretchers, and sought out help if trapped or finding someone whom may be trapped! This and some reasons would why people would not want to live in Indonesia. Other reasons including prices, law enforcement, economy and some of the population in different parts of the country.


Why people live in Japan
Japan is a beautiful a Island the people that live there make sure the keep their gardens beautiful. Japan is also one of the Smartest countries in the world. People who migrate there want their kids to be smart and also want to teach. Also almost no one commits a crime there it is one of the safest countries do to crime. The people help others when they are in need.

What plates Japan is on

Japan is partially covered by the Pacific plate. Tokyo is close to the North American plate. The Eurasian plate covers what the North American and the Pacific plates don’t cover. Also the philippine plate covers the almost the same area as the Pacific plate. The plates are always causing earthquakes and keeping each other in constant stress.

Why Japan is Dangerous

On March 11, 2011 Japan had a the worst earthquake in 40 years it was rated an 8.9 before being bumped up to a 9 on the richter scale. That one earthquake made other earthquakes and a tsunami as an after shock. Japan also has had even more earthquakes since then but not one that can be felt as bad as that one or one that caused that much damage. Also Japan is one of the most dangerous places because it is in the ring of fire.


Chile is a long country that stretches from West, to the South part of South America. It shares boarders with Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and the Drake Passage. Chile has an estimated population of 17,224,200. These Native Americans are spread over 756,950 miles throughout Chile. Chile is the most prosperous and stable nation in the whole world which is one reason why people may want to live there. In Chile, everyone is Native American. Another reason people may want to live in Chile is because it has great scenery and it is very tropical as well.

Chile sits on the South American plate in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. It is just to the right of where the South American Plate and the Nazca Plate. The two of them collide together off the west coast of Chile in the Pacific Ocean. This would mean that Chile is right next to a subduction zone that would have can cause big earthquakes. Subduction zones can cause earthquakes when the less dense plate sinks under the other one causing them to build up friction as they start to grate against each other. Seduction zones can also cause volcanoes which are all around Chile as well.

The information in the previous paragraph would have caused the earthquake of 2010 was recorded as a 9.5 magnitude quake. This earthquake had killed at least one thousand people, injured over three thousand, and left $550 million in damage to Chile along with a boat load of people homeless. This earthquake wasn’t the only bad one they have had. There was also monstrous earthquake recorded around Chile in 1960. These to earthquakes are around seventy years apart from each other. According to the information between these two earthquakes, there might be another one in about seventy more years. If this is true, and the construction is not done, there might be more deaths, more injuries, and more homeless people. These statistics listed above lead up to the proof that Chile is one of the most dangerous places to live throughout the world.

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