Andrew Jackson

Zero or Hero? Definitely a zero.

Spoils System

President Jackson rewarded his friends and supporters with government positions regardless of whether or not they were qualified. They usually agreed with him even if it wasn't good for the nation.

Trail of Tears

Jackson wanted the land where the Cherokee lived because of its fertile soil and the gold that was discovered. He ignored John Marshall's ruling on the Worcester vs Georgia case and signed the Indian Removal Act into law. This exchanged the Indians land for less desirable land in Oklahoma. While being relocated, thousands of Indians died due to sickness, starvation, heat, and bitter cold.

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Nullification Crisis

South Carolina threatened to secede form the U.S. if the federal government interfered with their nullification act. Congress passed the Force Bill which allowed Jackson to use the United States army to force them to pay the tariffs.The crisis was resolved by a lowered tariff.

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King Andrew Jackson

This shows how much Jackson abused his power. He destroyed the national bank because he believed that it only favored the wealthy. Despite these obvious abuses of power he was elected to a second term.

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