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Nowadays, online dating is not only socially acceptable, it is also the most popular form of dating on the planet! Millions have met their future spouses through this wonderful invention we call the internet. I know that in my own family, there are members who met their true loves through online dating websites. I have the wedding pictures to prove it!

Add to that, the fact that I have been using online dating for over a decade to meet women online from all walks of life. In fact, I’ve used it so much, I’d go so far as to say I consider myself an “expert” at it. I have used online dating not just to meet girlfriends I’ve had wonderful, committed, long-term relationships with, but also women for fun, casual flings and hook-ups.

When most guys think about “picking up women,” glamorous images of bright lights and hip clubs come to mind. Scenes of attractive women and men bathed in neon light and loud music while dancing, drinking, and having a wild and crazy time are what we see in the movies and TV shows. And when you and your buddies want to go out to meet girls, chances are, you choose to attend some type of bar or nightclub to do so.

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