Otoe Co 4-H'ers Helping 4-H'ers

Flood Relief Service Project

Lets make a difference! Nebraska Strong! 4-H Strong!

Otoe County 4-H wishes to help our fellow 4-Her's in Nebraska Flood areas. We are collecting items for Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits and Horses. We want to make sure these members can still show their projects with our assistance!

You can bring your donations to the Otoe County Extension office by June 1st, during office hours. If you would like to make a monetary donation, please make that check payable to the Otoe County 4-H Council. Every dollar will be spent for 4-Her's in the flood relief area.

Livestock Items Needed

Any show supplies, new or used (in good condition):

Brushes ~ Rabbit Water Bottles ~ Feed Pans ~ Hog Sorting Boards ~ Hay Bags ~ Hoses ~ Halters ~ Saddles ~ Bridles ~ Blowers ~ Clippers ~ Feed ~ Fly Spray Show Sticks ~ Water Buckets ~ Chicken Feeders ~ Small Animal Cages ~ Scotch Combs ~ Push Brooms ~ Shovels ~ Pitch Forks ~ Saddle Pads ~ Horse Blankets ~ Watering Cans

Sponsored by the Better Ba-C’s 4-H Club

Chairman: Aiden Velazco, Better Ba-C’s member

For more information contact Organizational Leader Gina Essink at 402-269-5376 or 4-H Extension Assistant Erin Steinhoff in the Otoe County Extension Office at 402-269-2301.