The Great Compromise

What is it? What did it do? Do we still use it today?

Whats a compromise?

A compromise is a meet in the middle. The members of the constitutional congress, had to find a compromise after lots of arguing. So thats when they came up with the great compromise which is....

What was the GREAT compromise?

1. The Virginia Plan (the Legislature will have two groups, and to determine how many people from each state are in these groups)

2. The New Jersey Plan (the Legislature will have one group, and every state will have the same amount of people to represent them)

Supporters of both plans at the Constitutional Congress argued for a long time, until a compromise was propsed.

That compromise was The GREAT Compromise which was:

- The Legislature will have two groups, one group that the number of people in it will be determined by the population, while the other will be represented with a equal number from each state.

What about it now?

The system put in place by the great compromise, is currently used here in the US almost 240 years later.