The Good Side

By; Kabao Khang


My name is Kabao. I was born one June 2, 1996. I born in Hickory, North Carolina. I was mostly raised by my grandmother my whole life. She's like a mother to me. I started at Thornton Elementary, Newton Conover Middle and High school. I'm a junior this year. And i'm graduating in 2014. I started to play volleyball ever since 7th grade. I love the sport, I play was a passion. For me to be able to play volleyball, they recommend the players to have good grades. I've been working so hard in school. Trying to have good grades so I can play volleyball for school. But my junior year is a bit adversity for me. I'm trying really hard to bring my grades up. But my goal for the future is to be a nurse and I want to go to Appalachian. I'm working really hard to get there. In high school right now, i'm taking nursing classes to prepare me in college. When I graduate out of high school, i'm going to find me a job to support myself. I'm going to be independent because my parents aren't really going to help me with college and the money. When I major in nursing, to find a nursing job at the hospital. I got my degree in nursing and everything. I got me an apartment and everything. I live with my boyfriend Su. One day he decided to propose to me. And we got married and we have a beautiful girl named Faith.

How things begin

Today was my last year of school. I was working so hard to finish high school and I finally finish. Now it's off to college, but before college I have to find me a job and I'm working at Tosaka. To earn all the money for college. My parents aren't going to support me. The only person who is always going to support me is my grandmother. I love her to death, she'll help me with anything. She wants to make a differences, she wants me to go to college and have a wonderful future. I got into Appalachian, so i'm majoring in nursing. Nursing is a big deal for me. While going to school and majoring in nursing, I joined in volleyball club. It was a great time for me to be in shaped and get my skill back for volleyball. College is very adversity but I can get through it. All this studying is making it easier and easier for me to learn them better. Time flew by so fast, it was already the exam for my nursing class. For me to get the nursing degree, I need to pass this class. I studied so hard the night before. Today is the big day, the day where I need to pass the exam. I got my degree for nursing and I would like to thank my grandmother for helping and supporting me through out my whole life.
After getting my nursing degree I went straight to a hospital to start my new nursing skill. I love where I work. I work at Catawba Valley Medical Center. Working as an ultrasound is the best job I could have. I just love knowing if these family are going to have a boy or a girl. And I get to experience new things while I'm an ultrasound. I get paid good money. And I also love the people I work with and the patient.
Su propose to me today! I'm so happy that in a few months, i'm going to get married to the person who has been there for me from the start. He's support me all the way. I'm lucky to be with a guy like him. Well a few months went by, and it was out wedding day. It was the best day that happened. I'm about to be a married women. After the day end, we were going to be together forever. And the wedding was like everything I wanted it to be. My dream wedding that came to life. We went on our honeymoon. We went to the beach and I had a wonderful time with my wonderful husband. A few years went pass, I had a baby girl named Faith. She was a precious baby. And everything in life was just so perfect for me. A perfect family and a perfect jobs. I accomplish everything that I wanted to accomplish. And my grandmother is so proud of me for achieving my goal and not giving up on what I loved the most.