HUSH, episode 6 released!

Silence, Are You There?

Snowfall allows the sacred stories to be told, and Maang remembers his quest

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The tribe implements Aandeg's plan and expresses their distrust of Andy and Vega; Ben seeks answers to Andy's whereabouts from Maang and Charlotte

Aandeg comes up with a plan to save the box, Zach’s

home situation deteriorates and Andy learns meditation

Marcel devastates the tribe, Andy seeks answers from the Chief and Ben questions Silence

Maang enters Edellen with an important message for Andy,

while in Geyaabi, Marcel attacks and tries to steal the box

Vega tries to contact Andy, a fire alarm disrupts Edellen High,

and a vision sends Maang on a quest

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#HUSHpodcast, affectionately known as "HUSH," follows a teenaged girl named Andy who sets off with her friends in a quest to find her family that leads into multiple worlds filled with manipulative people and dangerous secrets. Written, produced and performed by secondary students using live sound effects and original music, HUSH also represents a unique collaboration with the Native American Parent Advisory Committee.

#HUSHpodcast and its spinoffs, HUSH Jr and Shush!, are part of an original sci-fi podcast series written, composed and performed by secondary students in the St. Croix River Valley through a youth storytelling center called StoryArk. StoryArk's audio drama teams write the scripts, compose and play the music, create the sound effects and perform the roles. Each episode is aired as a radio play on Voices in the Valley (Saturday mornings) before being uploaded onto the podcast directories.

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This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

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