WEEKLY UPDATE September 3-6

Social Studies - Mr. Cantrell

We are studing the Geography of Latin America. Students are working hard. They are making maps, writing compare and contrast essays, and creating flash cards.

Ask your child about Class Dojo and encourage him or her to customize their monster.

Grades are starting to appear in Infinite Campus. If you have any questions regarding your child's work let me know.

Math - Mrs. Davis

Regular Math: We are continuing to work on our Number Systems Unit. Our focus this week will be modeling division of fractions and problem solving with fractions. Students will have a quiz over modeling multiplication and division and problem solving with fractions to determine if we are ready for our unit test the next week.

Thank you to those parents baked brownies for our brownie pan activity. Ask your child how to show you how to model 1/4 of 2/3!

Students will continue this week with Math Maintenance. They need to work on this throughout the week. All problems should be completed by Friday.

A.C. Math - We are finishing our first unit of the year. We will summarize and review the unit Monday and Tuesday to prepare for our performance task on Wednesday. Our unit test is scheduled for Sept. 10th. Ask you child to demonstrate how to model multiplication and division of fractions and solve problems using GCF and the distributive property.

We will continue our weekly "POW". Check out our POW blog below. I encourage students to collaborate on the POW using this tool.


I will be available for tutoring, as needed, during the following afternoons:

Monday: Advance Math 3:30-4:30

Wednesday: Regular Math 3:30-4:30

Please let me know BEFORE the tutoring day, if your child needs to stay.

Language Arts - Mrs. Walace

This week in ELA, we'll begin some in-depth work with our narratives. Students are to bring a complete draft with them to class on Tuesday, and we'll work to revise and improve the narratives all week long. Our first independent vocabulary assignment is due on Friday, and students will have a quiz over our technical terms on Friday as well. Throughout the week, we will also continue with the shared class readings we began this past Wednesday (either Children of the Dustbowl or Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World, depending on the class), and we'll continue with our year-long poetry study. And of course, students should be reading thirty minutes every night or the equivalent over the course of a week.

Science - Mrs. Selzer

We are finishing up the unit "Inside the Earth". Our unit test will be on next Wednesday September 4th. The performance task for the unit will be on next Thursday September 5th. Students have been given a study guide to use in preparation for these unit summative assessments. Homework is to study the "Inside the Earth" study guide for 10 to 15 minutes each night.


Please visit our team website for more information about the grading policy. :)

Labor Day Holiday

Monday, Sep. 2nd 2013 at 12am

400 Gum Springs Church Road

Jefferson, GA

School Holiday!!

Mrs. Bowdoin & Mrs. Jarrard's ELA

We will continue to work on our narratives. Some strategies that students will work on are learning to write effective introductions and learning to "show and not tell" when using details in their writing. Students will also continue to read in their independent reading books during class, and we will begin conferencing with them on their reading. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We can't wait to see our awesome students on Tuesday.