Cultural Loom Event

Students and Teachers' exchange, Athens, 10-16/4/2016

When Indian students meet their Greek peers... cultural weaving starts!

Dear all,
We are so happy to let you know that 4th Primary School Ymittou and Zanneio Experimental Junior High School will host students and teachers from St.Mark's Sr.Sec.Public School,Meera Bagh,New Delhi in the forthcoming April. Moreover, on Monday the 11th of April there will be a cultural exhibition in Zanneio school, at19.00 in the evening where Euro Asian "products of brotherhood and friendship" will be displayed. To cut it short, bonds will be tighter! You are all invited as well!

ASEF Class Net Cultural Looming relations

Sunday, April 10th, 9pm to Saturday, April 16th, 11:45pm

4th Primary School Ymittou & Zanneio Junior High School, Greece

When Mount Ymittos meets Pireaus Port and their Indian partners come closer, this is weaving of cultures. All their respected ASEF Classnet- Cultural Loom partners are asked to join!
Zorba's Dance (Sirtaki) Mikis Theodorakis