Module 10 Review Sheet



Module 10 sure did fly by fast! To help you study for the post assessment tomorrow and the honors summative on Friday, I have compiled all of the supplemental tools from this week's announcements for you to use to help you study. Remember, when taking both assignments, neither this or any other resource should be open on your screen as NCVPS Academic Policy must be followed.


Below are some tools we used in this module's announcements which can help you in understanding key concepts from this module.
Module 10 Terms

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Big picture
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PSYC 1200 Project - Big Five Factor Model
Personality and Profession

Can one's personality influence the type of profession he or she will enter?

Are you on track?

This Week...


1.Complete the lesson 1 practice activity, Jungian Archetypes

2. Complete the lesson 1 assignment (Defense Mechanisms quiz)


1. Complete the lesson 2 practice activity

2. Complete the lesson 2 assignment, Big 5


1. Complete the lesson 3 practice activity, Type A/Type B personality forum. In this forum you will analyze what it means to be different!

2. Complete the lesson 3 assignment, Situational Factors


1. Module 10 Post Assessment


1. Module 10 Honors Summative


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