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18-21 Program

Introducing the 18-21 Collingswood School to Work Transition Program for the 2016-2017 School Year:

The Collingswood School to Work Transition (CSWT) Program is designed for special education students who, as they reach the end of their four-year high school experience, continue to need additional support to complete their transition from school to work. The CSWT program offers students the opportunity to fully transition into the community as aware citizens, able to obtain and retain employment, develop and sustain a full social life, and contribute to their community as responsible citizens.

The CSWT program is a crucial step for many special needs students who require additional support and training to assure successful transitions into adulthood. Skill acquisition goals will be developed and include learning specific job skills, social involvement and self advocacy skills, and independent living skills. Students will learn to accept responsibility for themselves, develop supportive networks, and expand their awareness of social opportunities and community activities.

The CSWT program will require students to attend school for 2 hours each day, where they will work in groups to discuss transition concerns, problem-solve strategies and support each other in achieving individual goals. Initially, students will be required to demonstrate a series of minimum-skill sets across a variety of virtual employment situations, by engaging in a variety of on campus training opportunities. These training situations set the stage for students' successful placement in the community as volunteers and/or actual employment sites, based on each student's interest and demonstrated abilities. Simultaneously, students will investigate social opportunities, local community activities, and self-advocacy skills. The CSWT program will also encourage students to consider their desired lifestyle, adult responsibilities, and how to plan for a fulfilling meaningful vocational and social experience.

The CSWT Program is a 3-year program, where students progress through various units of study, largely depending on the individual needs of each student at the time. The goal of the CSWT program is to guide each student towards reaching his/her highest achievable level of independent living, obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment, and securing social and emotional community networks which foster a sense of belonging.

Community Involvement and Social Belonging

All students will be encouraged to participate in a series of social networking events within the local community, designed to expand their awareness of the variety of social activities available to them. These activities include attendance at local shows, hobby facilities, dining out, bowling, sports events, etc. Students are required to plan, participate, and host social events, as well. Embedded in these activities is the intention to make students aware they can create their own socially-rewarding involvement.

Additionally, students gain work experience within community businesses, as they explore how various aspects of the community engage with each other. Developing an understanding of the various components of a community helps students identify various organizations and activities they wish to support and/or join. Each student takes responsibility to determine how they will approach physical fitness and health. Opportunities to fulfill PE requirements through regular visits to Vitality Fitness is an example of such options.

And as part of social-belonging all students learn how to responsibly interact with social media. Through these opportunities, all students are afforded the opportunity to engage within a local community, in a responsible and healthy manner, while demonstrating the ability to be a strong, respectful, self-advocate.

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Thank you for taking the time to review everything our new program has to offer! For more information please contact Dr. Joanne Plescia at extension 6510 or Melissa D'Agostino at extension 6515. We look forward to hearing from you!