The Mental Health Minute

March 2020 Special Edition

From the CFISD Mental Health Intervention Team

Providing mental health information, resources and self care tips!

Stay informed

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Maintaining good mental health during quarantine

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Taking care of your emotional health

Helping kids de-stress during quarantine

Talking to your child about COVID-19

How to Talk to Kids About the Coronavirus
Creating Structure and Rules for Your Child
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Promoting a healthy lifestyle at home

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Hand-washing Steps Using the WHO Technique
CFISD Learning at Home

Welcome to the CFISD Learning At Home page! Although our classrooms are empty, we remain committed to supporting student learning. This page provides curriculum which is aligned to current CFISD coursework.

Learning at home tips...

A lot of learning happens in the home already. Here’s how we can harness what is

already there and guide our students in demonstrating their learning when they engage

in these activities.

From the Center for Collaborative Education

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