Hunger Drought in Somalia

Published By Andreja Z

Hunger Drought

Somalia is struggling from an extreme food and clean water shortage. At least half of the countrie's population is suffering with a massive food and clean water shortage. 6.2 million people in Somlia are food insecure and in need of human assistance. Extreme lack of access to water is a key driver of the crisis in Somalia. Over 4.5 million people in Somalia are now in need of WASH assistance. Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people are on the move in search of food, water and treatment for malnutrition and diseases. In Baidoa alone, close to 50,000 people have arrived since November, and According to UNHCR, over 4,100 people have crossed into Ethiopia in January and February 2017.

Why This Problem Is Important and How You Can Help

If we do not aknwoledge the situation in Somalia, the consequences will worsen. Conquering this drought in essential to many people, and is improtant not to let it affect other countries nearby. Action Agaisnt Hunger is an orginazation that takes desicive action Agaisnt the causes and effects of hunger. They ensure everyone can access clean water and food. You can help too, by donating to Action Agasint Hunger and spread the word either to friends or on social media. Just $45 can save a person's life. Join the cause and help the needed in Somalia.

Action Against Hunger