Thirteen Reasons Why

by Jay Asher

main characters

Clay Jensen: Is the narrator of the book Thirteen Reasons Why. He walks us through all the tapes that Hannah gives him.

Hannah Baker: She is a nice girl who had a sad life. She kills herself and gives away thirteen tapes to tell the story she couldn't tell in person.

Justin Foley: He is a year older then Hannah and is also Hannah's first crush. during one of Hannah's tapes she reveals what type of rumors he spreads.

Alex Standall: He is a new kid to the town just like Hannah was but he makes a not so nice list of his freshman class that Hannah will tell you about.

Jessica Davis: she is a girl who has a very strong out going personality. She is also more violent then most girls.

Tyler Down: He is a very mysteries guy. Through out the book he is accused of stalking, spying and taking pictures through windows.

Courtney Crimson: She has this personality that most people can not read through except Hannah. Later in the book you learn that she betrays Hannah.

Marcus Cooley: He is a kid who likes things to go the way he sees them. He doesn't understand why he is on Hannah's tapes.

Zach Dempsey: he starts out as a nice kid and for other kids he is nice but for Hannah who is going through a tough time in her life what he does pushes her farther away from everyone.

Ryan Shaver: He is a poet for the school newspaper and takes one of Hannah's poems without permission and just the thought of betrayal is bad enough for Hannah.

Jenny Kurtz: She is a cheerleader who meet Hannah at a party one night and by the end of that night they find themselves in a stick situation.

Bryce Walker: He is a bully and generally just a mean guy. Hannah really despise him.

Mr.Porter: He is Hannah's guidance counselor and is a poor one at that. Hannah feels that he had failed her because she go to him for help.

Tony: He is a nice guy who is not on the list but ends up getting Hannah's tapes.


The conflict in the book Thirteen reasons why is that a kid named Clay receives thirteen tapes from a girl named Hannah that had killed herself a couple days before. Clay leads us through the tapes wondering why he is on the horrible tapes in the first place.


Through out the book Clay learns shocking information about why Hannah had killed herself and why these tapes are getting passed around in this group of people!

short passage

Hello, boy and girls. Hannah Baker her. live and in stereo.

I dont believe it.

No return engagements. no encore. and no this time absolutely no request.

No, i cant believe is . Hannah Baker killed herself.

I hop e your ready, because i'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if your listening to these tapes, you're one of the reason why.

I chose this passage because it shows the shock on Clays face when he hears Hannah's voice for the first time sense she killed herself. I also think it shows the attitude hannah has towards these tapes he made for the select group of people to hear.

Who would like this

The type of reader who would like this book would be the people who get really attached to characters because this book constantly pulls you in and pushes you away from Hannah.

Did i like the book?

For me this book was a tricky one, when I read the book i would just zone out with the world around me and be taken in by the sad yet gripping story that Jay Asher has to tell. When i finished reading i would find myself being emotionally drained. I would recommend this book.

Ryan Schluter