Josh Blue

Motivation Project


Josh was the winner of the 2006th Last Comic Standing and he was the first and up to appear on The Ellen Show. He was also a member of the US Paralympic Soccer Team and competed in Athens at the Paralympic Games. Born in Cameroon, West Africa on November 27th 1978. He is also known as the comedian who put the cerebral in Cerebral Palsy.
Josh Blue - Comedian with Cerebral Palsy


Cognitive Consistency Motive

The motivation created by the impact he had on people. Josh’s sense of humor became a coping mechanism, and a way to break the ice with his high school peers.“I believe people who come to see the stand-up show will leave my show with a different understanding of disability. My goal is to change people’s perceptions, especially before people say something stupid to a disabled person.”


“It’s something that exists – I’m going to do things a little differently than others big deal.”

“You’ll run into situations where someone will tell you you’re an inspiration just for walking around out there.

“What if I told them that I was on my way to the liquor store?” Josh jokes. “How inspirational would that be?”

Humanistic Theory

Like Josh said, he hopes to break the stereotypes about disabled people and help them get noticed. But he doesn't dwell on it , he knows that other think that living with C.P.( Cerebral Palsy) is a challenge how ever that is not entirely true. He is grateful to these his opportunities he said that even if one person views change it is worth it.