Top Ten Must-Haves For Survival

amber palmer

1: Purifying Water Bottle

Why: You must have this so you can carry water with you.

How: If you find any you won't get sick if you drink it strait.

2: Food Kit

Why: You have to have food to live right?!

How: To eat it.

3: Paracord Braclet

  • Keeps food above ground away from wildlife
  • Climbing
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Trap for hunting

How: Undo it and use.

4: Warm Hat

Why: Keeping warm is very important, it will help you focus your energy on moving and not making more heat.

How: Wear it to keep your head warm, that is were most of your body heat is released.

5: Signaling Equipment

Why: You need this so you can signal anyone in the sky or if you lost your way from your camping members, you could let them know where you are.

How: Possible signaling equipment is, a whistle, a signaling mirror, flashlight, etc.

6: Compass and Map

Why: A compass is useful and even more useful if you have a map of the area.

How: Use these to find your way back to a city or a road or somewhere.

7: Shelter Building Matirial

Why: A shelter will keep you warmer and safer.

How: Using a tarp or even a large garbage bag and rope.

8: First-Aid Kit

Why: You have to have a first aid kit to keep yourself clean and not bloodless.

How: Using a first aid kit will keep you away from infections and permanently breaking bones.

9: Change of Clothes

Why: If you get wet, what do you do? Get ammonia?!

How: Change clothes as little as possible, and warm sock are great if you are stranded somewhere really cold!

10: Camping Pack

Why: You need a backpack to carry all of your supplies for you.

How: Wear it on your back.