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Storm Forecast for March 1-5

STORM Family!

Thank you all for your patience, grace, and grit to get through these times. It is almost time to welcome some students back to campus! We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome back our students to school on Monday, March 8. Thank you for those of you who have completed the online survey indicating your intentions to remain remote or engage in in-person, thank you!

If you have not done so, please complete this Return to School Preference Survey by Wednesday March 3rd. This helps us to know how to plan to best accommodate all student needs and keep safety at our focus with balanced cohorts. We will be communicating more information to you in the coming week, please stay tuned to your email. If you have any questions please reach out our main office, counselors, administrators, and teachers. Here is a preview around the hybrid model, some answers to questions we are hearing along with a few reminders.

Friday, March 5 marks the start of a new 22-day rotation for our high school students, as they switch to their B-day classes (periods 5-8). Effective March 5, we will also make a slight schedule adjustment to begin practicing the new hybrid bell schedule in preparation for our in-person learning model that actually begins Monday, March 8. The start of the school day remains 8:30 a.m., and our staff will share reminders with students throughout the week leading up to the schedule adjustment. Synchronous live learning will end at 12:30 instead of 12:50 on March 5 and beyond. March 5th will remain a fully remote learning day. Hybrid (in-person) learning will start on March 8th.

Hybrid Bell Schedule starts March 5th.

Hybrid March Calendar (which cohort starts on which day beginning March 8th)

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Can I switch from remote to in person and visa versa?

Yes. Requests for moving from fully remote to in-person and in-person to fully remote can be accommodated. Obviously moving from in-person to fully remote is a lot easier. Changing from fully remote to in-person takes more work. We recognize that each person’s experience during the pandemic is different, and there are many factors that can influence readiness and ability to be back in school. Our team is committed to looking at these requests and we will ask for time to make these accommodations, they may take days or weeks.

Our main focus is safety in classrooms and part of that is ensuring we are able to accommodate the learning space with safety protocols. It takes careful planning to try and avoid having 30 students scheduled for in-person on a given day as we are not able to have that many students in a classroom. There are also requests to change from Monday/Tuesday to Thursday/Friday. We may be able to accommodate some of these requests as well, under some reasonable guidelines. Again, due to the different requests and numbers of requests, it may take some time to ensure safety in the classrooms.

That being said, we are confident that after some time we will be able to accommodate requests. We look forward to continuing to support all of our high school students and families while seeing more students in person soon.

What will instruction look like?

Many are asking, what will teaching look like? Please keep in mind, this is new for everyone. Students and teachers have eased into fully remote teaching. Our teachers have adapted and have many processes, routines, and systems which have been refined and well developed over time. As we transition into the hybrid model (some students in-person and some remote simultaneously) we ask that we all remember that we are all learning this together. We consider that students and staff both have different levels of technology skill. Additionally, one model will not fit all disciplines/contents. Teachers are working and learning on ways to deliver differentiated instruction and it may take a little time, just as we did when we started the year. The social studies classroom may look very different than the robotics class for example. A baseline you may expect is that to begin some classes may look similar to how they do now, however some students will be in-person and others remote.

As we continue to grow in this model some classes will diversify strategies. One concept we are exploring is where, for short period of time, students in person work on one portion of an assignment while students in the remote setting work in break out rooms or on another portion of the assignment. We will continue to explore, model, and implement differentiated instruction in the classroom as we all acclimate to a new learning environment.

Many of the questions that have come up are around our Safety Protocols. During the week of March 1st to March 5th- several safety and school logistics and expectations will be covered in our STORM classes. Families will also receive a PowerPoint in PDF form next week outlining many of our safety guidelines and strategies.

Points you should remember

  • Distance is important. Unfortunately, hanging out with friends could be viewed as congregating/gathering. Due to the length of day, protocols on campus and focus on safety, there will be little opportunity to hang out with friends on campus. The focus is to decrease and minimize the opportunities where COVID may spread. We are still seeing each other, but it does look different.
  • Masks. Reusable and disposable masks are available to staff and students. During the school day everyone wears masks rather than gaiters or bandanas because it is too difficult to assess the layers in a gaiter.
  • Visitors/parents/guardians. At this time, families and visitors will not be allowed to enter our schools. While arrival and dismissal have traditionally been times for families to gather and socialize, we are asking that families keep moving and do not gather in groups. If you are requesting your student from class or have other needs, please contact our main office and we will assist you.
  • Late arrivals. Students should make every effort to arrive between 8:00 am and 8:25 am to arrive to class on time. If students are arriving late, they must enter through the doors by the main office. All other exterior doors will be locked. These doors will remain unlocked and monitored until 9:15 am. After this time students will need to be let in, we are working on a system to ring students in.


  • Lunch (free, no cost to you) will be provided as students are exiting the school at 12:30 PM.
  • In the lunch package will be lunch for the day and breakfast for the next morning.
  • No eating and drinking in the classrooms. We will begin our hybrid model with this process and as we go forward, we can adjust if needed. Please communicate with your administrator or teacher for requests.
  • Drinking fountains are closed throughout the building. We encourage students to bring a water bottle to school to support their needs.

Here are a few quick reminders:


    1. Quarterly FAMILY Health Attestation: Before students come back to school, families will fill out a form ensuring they will not send their student to school if they have COVID symptoms or have been exposed to anyone who has COVID or COVID symptoms.
    2. Daily STUDENT Health Attestation: Students must use the daily health attestation as they enter the building. Use a cell phone or access the link through your school website to communicate your current health status. We will provide a QR code to students as well.

Student Drop Off 8:00 am- School Doors open at 8 am - view map here

  1. Drop off in the upper lot. PLEASE dot drop off students in the lower lot- that is for buss traffic only.
  2. Please do not drop off earlier, our doors will not open until 8 am.
  3. Students are to go directly to their STORM class. We are not able to hang out or socialize in the hallways.
  4. Parents/guardians, please stay in your car.
  5. Please have your child’s coat, backpack, and mask on.
  6. We always have masks available if this is forgotten.

Two Student Entrances:

      • Upper doors by main office.
      • Lower doors by library.

Upon entering students should...

Use hand sanitizer and then proceed down the one-way hallways and staircases to your STORM class.

End of Day Student Pick-up 12:30 pm - view map here

  1. Student Pick Up is only in the upper lot after 12:30 pm unless otherwise scheduled through our attendance office.
  2. Thank you for bringing your patience with as you pick up students in the upper lot.
  3. Please create a single file line in the upper lot and please do not block parked cars.

Wednesday March 3rd – 9th Grade and new students Orientation

With the return to in-person learning we want to focus on our SQHS 9th Grade and New Students. We know it is important to get acclimated to a new school and environment. We will be providing these students with an In-Person Orientation open to all 9th graders and new students- whether they are considering in person or remote learning- all new students are welcome to the in-person orientation.

Morning Session (10:00-11:30): 9th Grade/New Students with the last name A-L

Afternoon Session (1:30-3:00): 9th Grade/New Students with the last name M-Z

All students will be in masks and will need to complete health attestation upon arrival.

I know there are many questions. Please reach out to teachers, counselors, and administrators with questions.

Upcoming Events Summary

New students and 9th Graders LIVE Squalicum High School Orientation

On March 3 new students and students in 9th grade are invited to attend live campus tours and meet your Mentors. Watch for details coming soon!

A-day class cycle ends Thursday, March 4.

B-day class cycle begins Friday, March 5.

March 8...welcome to Hybrid High School

If you have not done it already, please complete this Return to School Preference Survey for each child at Squalicum High School.

hybrid high school coming March 8

Here are some critical links and images as your family prepares to return to live instruction 2 days a week at Squalicum High School.

On March 8, our Bell Schedule changes slightly running from 8:30 to 12:30.

(Until then, we will remain on our current bell schedule from 8:30 till 12:50.)

The B-day cycle will be running, periods 5-8, until Spring Break. You can view our school calendar at this link.

For more details, you can review Dr. Bakers message here.

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Weekly Covid Updates

Please remember to do your part. Please remember to wear your mask, physically distance, wash your hands frequently, and stay home if you are sick. Please visit our site for more information.

registration for next year already

It is that time of year again! Exploring and registering for class for the 2021-2022 school year! Therefore, our electives fair has gone virtual. Our counselors have everything you need on our counseling tab here.

Are you interesting in finding out more about our elective courses and what they are about? On the link above look under the image on that page OR click this link Electives Videos from all teachers to watch and discover what all the electives are about.

Virtual Counseling Office Hours

every Thursday and Friday until March 19 from 1:00 TO 3:00.

Drop in basis - no appointment needed.

Here is the Virtual Counseling Office Zoom Link and QR Code


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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion updates...

The Department of Teaching and Learning is happy to share this February 2021 newsletter listing heritage months, cultural celebrations, holidays and other information supporting the important work of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in Bellingham Public Schools.

Please visit the EDI webpage for an ongoing dialogue and focus on this key strategy of The Bellingham Promise. You can also reach out to the Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Janis Velasquez Farmer directly.

Teen Mental Health and COVID links

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Did you know you need a High School and Beyond Plan to graduate?

Congratulations to the five student winners of the #PlanYourPathWA video contest! Check out just one of the selections featured below or see all of this year's creative entries on Ready Washington's website!

The High School and Beyond Plan helps students explore and plan their education to career pathway that is right for them. Squalicum students can access their High School and Beyond Plan from the Squalicum Homepage, under the Students Tab. Contact Mrs. O’Brien or your counselor for more information!

For information about the Plan requirements visit State Board of Education http://www.sbe.wa.gov/HSBeyondPlan.php

Students in Grade 9: if you missed the webinar, please watch this recording for information about scheduling and about your High School and Beyond Plan: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/5c669702-435d-4315-b2be-1a782d58ca4c

Sports Update

For more information, visit https://squalicumathletics.com/events
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Opportunities for all Students

Registration Now Open for Spring Youth Courses

Give your student the opportunity to build up skills and explore an interest this spring. Check out our list of remote youth enrichment courses for middle and high school students beginning this March.

High School

JUNIORS are invited to join Ms. Campbells 4th period class

JUNIORS are invited to join Ms. Campbells 4th period class on Monday and or Tuesday to hear from these colleges!

Monday 4th period at 12:00

University of British Columbia

UW Bothell

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Bellingham Technical College

ROTC Scholarship information from Lt. Boggins

TUESDAY 4th period at 12:00

Central Washington University

Eastern Washington University

Gonzaga University

Pacific Lutheran University

Please request the zoom link from Ms. O’Brien or Ms. Campbell AND get permission from your 4th period class!


Keep checking the Scholarship Bulletin for local scholarships!

Grade 9 Webinars

Last week our counselors met with students in grade 9 and worked on the High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) especially preparing for registration. Here is a recording in case your student missed it..


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Links to other supports

Librarian: tracy.shaw@bellinghamschools.org

SQHS Counselors: https://squalicum.bellinghamschools.org/counseling/

District Help technicians: help@bellinghamschools.org

Resouces (meals, childcare, mental health and more) : https://bellinghamschools.org/resources/