Discomfort & Deja Vu

Angelina Licari and Cade Hodges

Why Deja Vu ?

Have you ever had that weird feeling when you feel like you've already experienced something when you know that it's the first time your doing it? It's called Deja Vu. We chose this topic because its common for people our age(15-25). Also its a common term used but most don't understand what actually happens when you say "its just like deja vu"

What is Deja Vu ?

Deja Vu is a common phenomenon that occurs to 60-70% of people and makes them feel like they have been in a situation before that is in reality happening for the first time. Deja Vu is a french term that literally translates to "already seen."

What does Deja Vu have to do with the brain?

Although it's hard to study how Deja vu works because of it's random timing, researchers from France found out that neural firing between the rhinal cortices and the hippocampus or amygdala were increased in stimulations that had to do with Deja Vu.
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The research and Psychologist

A few researchers gathered together a few people and immersed them in a virtual reality village. It was the Sims 2 with 128 incorporated scenes that were divided into pairs that secretly had objects such as chairs and artwork in the same places on a grid to create identical layouts in space. They found that when one of them saw a place or setting familiar to the previous one a sort of deja vu would happen.

Interesting facts

In epileptic patients for whom déjà vu could be induced by electrical stimulation.

The researchers from France found that synchronized neural firing between the rhinal cortices and the hippo-campus or amygdala were increased in stimulation that induced déjà vu.

Deja vu is a big wonder of the brain that psychologists don't even understand