New Years

Spent with family

which us spend New years with:

88% of us spend with familyNumber of 8th graders who took this survey: 147

Percentage of 8th graders:

12% of us spend without family.

25% of us spend with both family and friends .

48% of us spend with only family.

14% of us spend with only friends.

Only one spends with pets.

Only one is all alone.

Only one spends at church.

Only one spends with closest friend.

Watch TV shows

How many people watch football on New Year’s Day: 57%

47% people set of fireworks 53% did not

57%people watch the ball drop

Only 5% of people don’t stay up til 12 and 95% do stay up

Go on vacation

Only 23% of people go on vacation

Attend New Years

Only 59% attend but 63% host
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