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why do racecars race on bald tires

Why Do Race cars Race On Bald Tires.

They use bald tires because when they slide around the track, the tires get really greasy and have to pit. That will cause them more money and time. On dry, clean race tracks, tires without tread grab better. In all other conditions, especially if their is rain, snow, ice, dirt, leaves, or anything else in the road, tires with tread grab better.

Bald Tires Vs. Tread

It depends on where you are driving. If you are on a race track it would be best to have bald tires. This is because the race track is smooth. If you are on a highway the bald tires might pop or slide without no tread. It would be best to have tread tires on a high way or wet or snowy conditions for more traction. Most racing cars are Nascars. If they are sprint cars they would not be allowed on the highway.

Why do drag racers have bald tires but only short distance.

This is because drag racers have powerful engines. Nascars have a different engines but they both have the same type of tire, bald tires When Drag racing cars stop a parachute come out of the back to slow them down. Sometimes the parachute does not activate and can cause some serious accidents.