The Midwest Region

By Drew

Animals in the Midwest.

The American Buffalo is needed for the Native american's to make coats.There are also squirrels they gather nuts for the winter.There are also white tailed deer they can survive in the winter without them dying. There are frogs they hibernate in the winter under the mud.There are Birds they fly south for the winter. Some birds stay and use feathers to survive.

Midwest landform's

In the Midwest it is usually is flat there are not many hills.When glaciers moved they flattened the hills. then they fill in between the hills with dirt.That created plains , or leveled out lands and covered with grass.

The climate of the midwest

Temperatures in the Midwest can be vary widely. The areas around the great lakes may also experience what is called the lake affect. Since water takes longer to heat and cool than land.The air over the water takes longer to heat and cool than the land.

Mining for metal.

Iron is a important resource in the Midwest. Iron is valuable because it can be turned into a special metal called steal.Steal is a strong metal to make big buildings,cars and tools . In the 1800's, iron ore was found in Minnesota and Michigan.