Solar Energy

Energy For Now and the Future

Solar Energy Starts with the Sun

Solar energy is a renewable energy source we get from the sun. This energy has been used for thousands of years but recently new methods have been developed to harness this energy produced by the sun. We use sun's energy for heating things like our homes and water and we also use it to create electricity by using solar panels.

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this map shows the average annual energy available from the sun per square meter

We Need Solar Energy

Solar Energy Is a renewable clean energy source that is available in a large supply thanks to the sun. This energy source is so important because currently we rely heavily on non-renewable resources like oil and gas which will run out soon. Also many non renewable resources are harmful to the environment and should no longer be used. instead a clean, green energy source like solar energy can be used to generate electricity to power our homes, business and communities.

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The process of capturing Solar Energy

How solar panels work

How to make solar energy more attractive

Government should offer more finacial support and subsidies for residents who want to install solar panels to generate solar energy

Negative impacts on using solar energy