Information Technology

A growing industry that spans world-wide

Description of Job

Information technology (IT) has a large span of occupations within this category. The basis of this career is producing information and applications for the customers to use. A low paying job that requires a multilingual occupant is a computer support specialist. These are the people that you call when you have a specific tech problem with your product. Other jobs that require foreign language are the software developers that need to have translated versions. Finally, all the IT career individuals need to have foreign language knowledge, because everyday more and more jobs are being outsourced.

Lots of travel, because workers are spread across the world!

Education and Topics to understand

  • Computer Systems Management
  • Data Administration and Processing
  • Facilities Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Software Installation
  • Network Administration
  • Software Development
  • Information Systems Management
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Systems Analysis
  • Telecommunications Design

Where to get these degrees...

The University of Phoenix offers extensive IT related degrees as well as CMU.