The spotted cuscus

by Zoe S 3D

Fact sheet on Spotted Cuscus.

A spotted cuscus is an Australian nocturnal marsupial mammal. The scientific name for spotted Cuscus is Phalgeridae Spilocuscus.

The spotted cuscus is found in the northern tip of Australia. It's habitats are rainforests, mangroves and hardwood forests.

The spotted cuscus is an orangey red. It has white spots and large eyes. The spotted cuscus has very small ears so it mainly relies on its sight. It is approximately sixty-one centimetres long. The spotted cuscus has white spots behind each ear.

The spotted cuscus eats a wide variety of plants. It enjoys nectar and fruit. This it retrieves while it's climbing.

The spotted cuscus is attacked by carpet pythons. Large birds also pose a threat. The spotted cuscus hides in trees to decrease the chance of being attacked. It is threatened by destruction of habitat.

The spotted cuscus is able to mate at one year old. They can mate all year round. The baby is carried in the mothers pouch. The baby cuscus lives in the pouch for 6-7 months. Each cuscus lives for around 11 years.

The spotted cuscus moves very slowly and is more active at night. They are very shy and live alone.

The spotted cuscus is critically endangered in the wild and not many live in zoos either. If the government does not act, they could soon become extinct.