A Tour of the Country


Russian is spoken mainly in cities.

Polish is spoken mostly by the ethnic Polish (southeast Lithuania).

English is the most popular foreign language spoken.

German is another popular foreign language.

Popular Foods

Two favorite traditional dishes are šaltibarščiai , cold beet soup with buttermilk, and cepelinai , boiled potato dumplings filled with meat or curd and served with fried pork fat or sour cream. Eating in restaurants has become more popular, and there are many different types of restaurants in the larger cities; how frequently a family dines out is determined by its income. The typical diet consists of foods that are easily available and least expensive.

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Above is a picture of šaltibarščiai.


  • The Day of Remembrance of the Television Tower- an incident that happened on January 13
  • Shrove Tuesday- Catholic feast day forty days before Easter
  • Independence Day- celebrated on February 16
  • Midsummer's Eve- celebrates the arrival of summer on June 24

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These are a picture of Lithuanian Easter eggs.


  1. Reserved people that respect tradition.
  2. Don't go out of their way to greet someone they don't know.
  3. Bring a small gift of candy or flowers when visiting someone.
  4. Hosts are generous to their guests.
  5. Men shake the hands of a male friend inside a cafe or on the street, but never inside a door.
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