What are Great Pyramids?

outside of Cairo !

Where is the location of the Great Pyramids?

Well the Great Pyramid stands right outside of Cairo. Where hundreds of people visit everyday to see the Great Pyramids. Also it is very dangerous for airplanes to fly over the Great Pyramids because it malfunction with the entertainments with the airplane. 95% of Egyptian live on this harrowed land.The Great Pyramid was the center piece of an elaborate complex.
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Diagram/secret Tunnel !

Pyramids have secret tunnels and chambers.

Who made the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Who made the great pyramid(pyramid:a massive monument with a square base) of Giza? Good question . Khufu(King or ruler) enslaved(to make someone or people to do something for you) his people to build his Great Pyramid.So Khufu made the people from Egypt to build his Great Pyramid and the people from Egypt were his slaves. The kings chamber in the Great Pyramid is at exact center gravity of the structure,and
no one can explain why or the reasons the Great Pyramid was built.Razor blades placed in the model pyramids will give close to 100 shaves before coming dull.

Extra Facts.

  • 30 years to raise one structure
  • 100 shaves before becoming dull
  • lots of people live in Egypt
  • use razor blades to build pyramids
  • took 200 years to build full pyramid
  • out side of Cairo

BY:Anna Rodriguez