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Dear SUHSD student,

We are glad to have you back! We want to provide you with the best educational experience. In this newsletter you will find a wide variety of STEAM opportunities that you can participate in throughout the 2016-17 school year.

Take the opportunity to explore your interests!

Get involved in discovering your future, and HAVE FUN!

Here’s something else you should know: Extracurricular activities also play a part when you apply to colleges. Most college applications ask about your activities. That’s because the things you do in your free time reveal a lot about you — in ways that grades and test scores can’t. Your accomplishments outside the classroom show what you’re passionate about and that you have qualities valued by colleges.

Check the 2016-17 SUHSD STEAM Year-At-A-Glance Calendar HERE.


Start a STEAM Club at your school

Check with your school's ASB for details on Club Charter Applications.
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On Going STEAM Projects


NAVAIR / SWEETWATER Quadcopter (Unmanned Airborne Systems) Challenge

NAVAIR has partnered with Sweetwater Union High School District to create the First Quadcopter (UAS) Challenge. Teams of students are working on developing their own quadcopter. They have received a common kit of electric/electronic parts and all files to 3D print all the mechanical components to assemble their quadcopters.

Each high school's team is being mentored by NAVAIR engineers as they prepare to face each other at the Quadcopter Challenge in September.

Participating schools:

  • Chula Vista High School

Principal: MaryRose Peralta

Teacher advisor: Patrick Mallory / Stephen Streifer

  • Eastlake High School

Principal: Maria Esther Lizarraga

Teacher advisor: Joel Foust

  • Hilltop High School

Principal: Dr. Thomas Gray

Teacher advisor: Ivan Rubio

  • Olympian High School

Principal: Ernesto L. Zamudio

Teacher advisor: Julio Avasan / Michael Claudio

  • Southwest High School

Principal: Lee Romero

Teacher advisor: Dr. Hector Arias / Jesus Arias

  • Sweetwater High School
Principal: Maribel Gavin

Teacher advisor: David Cobian


Claudia A. Garcia -NAVAIR ISSC North Island- STEM/Summer Internship Director

Jose Ramos - NAVAIR North Island - F/A-18 A-D Structures

All NAVAIR Engineers volunteering on this project.


Our schools are underway assembling and equipping teams of students to participate in VEX robotics. Click HERE to find out your schools robotics advisor.

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Sweetwater students participated in UCSD ENLACE Program

UCSD-ENLACE is a a bi-national high school summer research experience for Baja California and San Diego students. It aims to encourage the participation of high school students in research in the sciences and engineering, while promoting cross-border friendships in the Tijuana/San Diego region.

Details about UCSD ENLACE HERE

Student participants:

Kimberlin Zárate - Hilltop High School

Gustavo Aguayo - Hilltop High School

Robert Cuentas - Southwest High School

Viviana Reyes - Southwest High School

Ruth Gonzalez - Southwest High School

Nicole Diaz - Southwest High School

Alondra Ramirez - Southwest High School

Briana Llamas - Southwest High School

Read the Sand Diego UT article HERE

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(Left to right) Dr. Hector Arias (SOH teacher), Alondra Ramirez (SOH student), Vivian Reyes (SOH student), Briana Llamas (SOH student), Dr. Olivia Graeve (UCSD), Nicole Diaz (SOH student), Ruth Gonzalez (SOH student), Robert Cuentas (SOH student), and Jesus Arias (SOH teacher)

2016 Outstanding Instructor of the Year by San Diego County Fair

Mr. Joseph Amaro, Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering instructor at Montgomery High School, was awarded the 2016 Outstanding Instructor of the Year Award for this years’ San Diego County Fair. Congratulations Mr. Amaro!

Montgomery High School students entered their projects at the FAIR along with high schools from all over the county. This year, they entered 58 student woodworking projects and 10 Electric Guitars produced in the STAY after school program. In nine years of entering student projects in the annual fair, this is first time that EVERY PROJECT was awarded a first place ribbon. Excellent job Aztecs!

Sweetwater students participation at 2016 San Diego County Fair

Sweetwater Union High School District was also represented by other outstanding students and teachers at this year’s San Diego County Fair. The following is a list of students and their teachers that received the next highest award above a First Place Ribbon. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Bonita Vista High School

Michelle Mardahl Ph.D. (Teacher)

Segan Helle


Castle Park High School

Daniel Pearson (Teacher)

Christian Puentes

Yaramy Hernandez

Nadia Estudillo

Chula Vista High School

Suriya Stewart (Teacher)

Cassandra Sanchez

Michelle Spielman (Teacher)

Sabrina Olmos

Jocelyn Jimenez

EastLake Middle School

Tara Taylor (Teacher)

Shantall Diaz

Ruben Jimenez

Jacob Reyes

Marlee Simeon

Nicole Gonzalez

Braedon Trujillo

Hilltop High School

Carolynn Helton (Teacher)

Mathias Cien-Mayer

Trey King

Victor Mares

Herc Hall

Montgomery High School

Lynette Young (Teacher)

Lynette Young

Luis Eribez

Hayley Salazar 2016 California AFA Teacher Of Year for the San Diego Chapter/Area 3

Ms. Hayley Salazar, Otay Ranch High School Science Teacher was selected to represent San Diego Chapter/Area 3 of The California Air Force Association (AFA) as Teacher Of The Year (TOY).

Last May, Ms. Salazar was selected as 2016 AFA San Diego Chapter 118 Teacher Of the Year. Now, Ms. Salazar moves forward representing the whole San Diego Chapter/Area 3 for CAFA. Congratulations Ms. Salazar!

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Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP)

Office of Naval Research Science & Technology

Get ready to participate in SEAP next summer!

SEAP is an eight week summer internship for high school students 16 years or older. Students will gain real-world, hands-on experience and research skills at SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems).

Click HERE to learn more about SEAP

Online application opens on August 22, 2016 but students can input their email NOW to be reminded at the beginning of the application cycle to apply!

Online application link HERE.

The application will close TBD Nov 2016.

Do you have an IDEA, a special project, or research curiosity and need mentorship? Apply to USCD MAP

UCSD Mentor Assistance Program (MAP) connects high school students personal ideas and projects with an expert from a vast array of disciplines, from History, Marine Physical Sciences and Nanoengineering to Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Athletics and Computer Science.

UCSD-MAP is an opportunity for motivated high school students to work with a UCSD mentor for a six-month period from November 2016 – May 2017. Students may seek guidance on class projects, delve deeper into a research project or interests, create a winning Science Fair projects, or use this opportunity to learn more about a potential research or career interest through assigned scholarly or practical readings and discussions with their mentor.

Student projects application runs from September 1-30, 2016. You can find full program details HERE.

UCSD Mentor Assistance Program (MAP)

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It Takes a Village..... to STEAM

If you are a parent, a district staff, or a community member you can help our students through their educational journey by volunteering in our STEAM activities and programs.

Take the Survey and forge the future HERE.

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SUHSD Board Members

Nicholas Segura -President-, Paula Hall, Kevin J. Pike, Arturo Solis, Frank A. Tarantino Superintendent Dr. Karen Janney