Human Resources Manager

Jocelyn Schaefer


Starting salary: $56,638

With experience you could advance to $110,261

Bachelor's degree or higher, plus work experience


  • Reading comprehension – medium (level 5)
  • Active listening – medium (level 5)
  • Writing – medium (level 5)
  • Speaking – medium (level 5)
  • Critical thinking – medium (level 5)
  • Learning strategies – medium (level 5)


23 estimated annual job openings, this job is stable and its annual growth rate is estimated to be 18%.


If you are want to do something involving the military, there are openings for that too.


I chose this career because I think this is something I would enjoy doing. I am going to the National Guard and there can train me in the job and i will get paid for it and my schooling will be paid for, I think it is a good opportunity.