India's Tragic Event of 1984

The Toxin

Methyl Isocyanate was the poisonous gas that ended the lives of over 25,000+ people. 5,000 people were killed Immediately. It was released into the air by a pesticide factory known as the Union Carbide Corporation. hundreds of thousands of people were seriously injured after a quarter-century. The gas made people suffocate which took some time before their lives were diminished.

Pictures of Hope

Picture: (Top) These victims of the disaster have to wear patches/masking over their eyes.

Picture: (Bottom) These Men are carrying children who are too weak/having reactions to the gas.

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Stories of The Wounded

Many people were wounded in the Bhopal Disaster. The victims wounds were both physical and mental. Whether it was family grieving over loss or living with lifelong problems everyone was effected by this tragic event. People who were effected by the poisonous gas had some of these problems: (Physical) Birth-defects, Damaged lung tissue, Respiratory problems, Dry eyes, Poor sight, Loss of appetite, Chest pains, and Vomiting. (Mental) Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, and Nightmares.

Short Story

Dr.Jayshree MS a GDMO in DHS had family who lived near the site where the disaster took place. She wanted to go and see if her family was not harmed by the gas. Her co-workers on the other hand convinced her not to go until the their was news/signs that it was safe to go to the site. It was three days before she couldn't handle not seeing them. She went to the site and all she saw was a ghost town people were not to be seen and if there were people they were weak, dying or already passed on. She was told tales of people who on trains and didn't know that the ride they were taking would be their last. When she reached her family they were fine. They had the windows shut tightly and were in beds with blankets over them. Her family was lucky to not have been hurt by the gas.

Facts on The Bhopal Disaster

  • 570,000 people died, around 5,000 died instantly
  • Methyl Isocyanate (the poisonous gas) is also known as MIC