The third gas producer

closed a company in Bucharest

Americans from Amromco largest gas producer in Romania after large producers OMV Petrom and Romgaz, have abolished local company Amromco Energy LLC New York - Bucharest Branch, after a request of February 27, admitted March 3 indicates a radiated company document, consulted Energy Report.

In addition, associations oil and gas companies Amromco Energy Production Amromco Activity Holding Company and Amromco recently took note of the withdrawal from office of their manager, Robert Thrift Kendall.

The company was liquidated in 2009, the beginning of the crisis, a net turnover of more than 26 million lei and a net profit of about 9 million dollars, with an average of 80 employees. Since then, business branch fell.

Famous locally is Amromco Energy, which has in turn as sole Amromco Holding Activity.

Energy Amromco gave to the Ministry of Finance business RON 130 million in 2013. The company is the oldest and largest independent oil and gas producer in Romania, operating since 2003. The manufacturer has about 30 concessions throughout the country, with 300 employees in Romania and another 30 at its headquarters in Houston.

Amromco Production Company was founded only in 2012 and 2013 had 21 employees and a turnover on average over 7.5 million lei.

Returning to Amromco Energy, it has succeeded in the past 10 years to bring into production phase much more land than any other independent operator locally.

Amromco Energy focuses its activity on the exploitation of mature fields by applying cutting-edge technology.

Lately, Amromco purchased from OMV Petrom three oil fields in the north-eastern Romania and intends to cooperate in the future with OMV Petrom in the region.

In addition, the 2003 Amromco has partnered with Romgaz. During this period, helped to increase the production of several fields of Romgaz, the increase totaling about two billion cubic meters.

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In ANRE information at the end of last year, Energy Amromco set with a market share of 2.82% gas production while the runners are much smaller share - Stratum Energy (0.37%), Drilling Probes (0.16%) and Raffles Energy (0.05%).

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