ICT Bulletin #11

Monday 18th November 2013

This week...

ICT Hub bookings now on Outlook

All ICT lesson times have been booked on the ICT Hub calendar on Outlook. There shouldn't be any issues with double bookings from now on. If a class does not need the Hub for their lesson I will have the booking removed from Outlook and it will be free for someone else. I will let people know about any changes in the morning briefings.

Wednesday 20th November

The LTMs will be based at JSV to work with Year 1 on Wednesday.

Thursday 21st November - International School in Amsterdam

I'll be at the ISA on Thursday for a conference on mobile technology. I'll be looking at how schools move forward after they have gone 1 to 1 with mobile technology.

Have a great week!


Communication and planning - important


The weekly bulletin was created so that I didn't have to send out millions of emails to you every week. It is vital that you take a minute to read it and take note of any important information that may impact resourcing or learning and teaching. It is my primary mode of communication with you all.


Can I remind everyone to read over their ICT planning before I come to their lesson. It is important that you know what you are doing during the session and that you are prepared. If you are unsure of the plans, ask.

Smore update - over 2600 views!

You may have noticed the eye icon underneath your newsletter. It represents the number of views your newsletter has had and we are currently looking at combined views of over 2600! The record, so far, goes to Year 2 and their 13th September newsletter. This is closely followed by F2 with 110 views with their 3rd October newsletter.
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